September Theme: SUPERSTITION – Sept. 13

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What an incredible first year – from that first show in June 2013 through to our grand Anniversary Special at the Tarrytown Music Hall last month. Thanks again to everyone involved – volunteers, storytellers, and the audience that came back month after month! Now, join us as we kick off our 2nd year with a “Superstition”-themed show on Sept. 13.

When: Sept 13, 8pm

About the theme: Hear tales about the superstitions that have affected your lives. They’re all fair game – old wive’s tales, urban legends, & campfire rumors; knocking on wood and casting the evil eye. That time a superstition stopped you cold or led you on a great adventure? As always, try to impress us by stretching the theme to fit your story!

This month, we’ll back to our normal format – a line-up of prepared longer stories, lots of open mic slots, and opportunities for anonymous participation. Go ahead, give it a try!