Westchester Magazine calls us a ‘phenomenon’!

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In an article on retro desserts, Westchester Magazine calls Pros(e) of Pie a ‘phenomenon':

And witness the phenomenon of the sellout Pros(e) of Pie series in Tarrytown, a monthly shindig where people bring home-baked pies, tell stories, and crown a Piemaster. (link)

We’re happy to be in such tasty local company.  Located just around the corner, our friends at The Twisted Oak got praised for their fancy “marshmallow-cream French toast based on the Fluffernutter”. Yum- we’ll take a pie entry from them any day!

Second Annual Halloween PoP in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery!

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prose_of_pie_201410-Halloween Specialv3

For our second annual Halloween PoP, we’re bringing Pros(e) of Pie back to the world renowned Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Our storytellers will be delighting you in the Washington Irving Memorial Chapel. There couldn’t be a better setting for an evening of true Halloween tales.  Expect a nice sampling of seasonal pies that you’ll taste and vote on.

Tickets are already selling for this special edition of Pros(e) of Pie, the Hudson Valley’s most popular storytelling series. Come find out what’s been drawing audiences to sold-out shows for over a year. Trust us, it’s not just the pie!

When: Oct. 22, 8pm


Location: THE SLEEPY HOLLOW CEMETERY (540 North Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY)
And, let’s keep it clear folks : the show will be at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery – not the Old Dutch Church. Use the entrance about half a mile north of the Old Dutch Church.

ALL tickets for this show will be sold online. Doors open at 8pm sharp.


The pies entered in our bake-off are baked by members of the audience. Tempted to enter your creation for a chance to win a gift card? You’ll need to (1) buy tickets early, (2) email us your info and the type of pie you’re bringing, and (3) try to drop your pie off by 7:30p for the best chance at votes!

If you’re interested in telling a storyemail co-producers Ivy Eisenberg  or Zak Shusterman for additional information and to schedule an audition.


Pros(e) of Pie Streaming Audio

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As we get ready to kick of a second year of Pros(e) of Pie, why not give storytelling a try yourself? Sign up for 5 minute open mic slots. Just remember to stick to our PoP rules: 1) you can only tell your own story; 2) it has to be a true(ish) story; 3) it has to related to the monthly theme; 4) no reading – this is story telling, not story reading!

Here are two open mic clips from our May 14 show. The theme was “Motherlode”, and this night happened to be an all open mic show.

September Theme: SUPERSTITION – Sept. 13

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What an incredible first year – from that first show in June 2013 through to our grand Anniversary Special at the Tarrytown Music Hall last month. Thanks again to everyone involved – volunteers, storytellers, and the audience that came back month after month! Now, join us as we kick off our 2nd year with a “Superstition”-themed show on Sept. 13.

When: Sept 13, 8pm

About the theme: Hear tales about the superstitions that have affected your lives. They’re all fair game – old wive’s tales, urban legends, & campfire rumors; knocking on wood and casting the evil eye. That time a superstition stopped you cold or led you on a great adventure? As always, try to impress us by stretching the theme to fit your story!

This month, we’ll back to our normal format – a line-up of prepared longer stories, lots of open mic slots, and opportunities for anonymous participation. Go ahead, give it a try!

Pros(e) of Pie First Anniversary Show – recap

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1899803_903467993002996_6906541288601540464_o Thanks to all who joined us for at a wonderful anniversary show celebrating the first year of Prose of Pie. We couldn’t have asked for a better venue than the Tarrytown Music Hall, a world-class historic theater just around the corner from our normal location at the W@tercooler. Together we supported the good work of both the Community Food Pantry of Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown and Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE).

Congratulations to the storytellers in our ‘best of’ line up : Paul Williams, Kathleen McCarthy Udoff, Tanya Monier, Jill Liflander, & Jim Keyes. An extra special thank you to Jim Keyes for performing double duty as our musical entertainment.

Special thanks to the many volunteers who came out to support our effort on Sunday : First and foremost among them, the inimitable Dina Rose Friedman, our new close friend Heather Reid, community gem Rachelle Gebler from the Community Food Pantry, Stacy & Josh from YPIE, as well as the committed staff and volunteers of the Music Hall.

Please support the local businesses who contributed to our efforts: Coffee Labs for donating coffee for our event, Liflander Photography for capturing some wonderful moments, Kate Chanba for art and graphic design, and W@tercooler for being a home like no other. Some photos from the evening (all photography courtesy Liflander Photography):

  • The PieMaster and 3 runners-up are announced.
  • Jim Keyes
  • Jill Liflander
  • Tanya Monier
  • Kathleen Udoff
  • Paul Williams
  • Ivy Eisenberg

June Theme: SUSPENSE – June 14

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When: June 14, 8pm

About the theme: This month, we want to hear about your moments of suspense. That time you were wondering if she’d say yes. Would you get that job offer? Dreading a call back from the doctor…. Suspense when you’re looking forward to something or suspense when you’re dreading it. And sometimes, it’s the suspense itself that you get to enjoy! As always, try to impress us by stretching the theme to fit your story!


More Streaming Audio released

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To keep your ears entertained until the next show, we’re going to continue realeasing tracks for shows from PoP’s first year. Here are two more featured stories from our Schemes & Betrayal story.

First off, we have PoP veteran Katie Kaprenstein  – during a summer in the city, the biggest danger turned out to be lurking in her summer sublet.

Then, Tanya Monier recalls being a a globe trotting girl with her heart broken across the ocean, and her arm broken more locally, only to end up being comforted by the poet-laureate of Ireland

Now streaming: some of our favorite PoP stories

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You’ve been asking for a Pros(e) of Pie podcast. We’re not there quite yet but we’re going to be making some of favorite PoP tales available for streaming.  Now you can stay entertained with PoP in between our monthly shows.

To kick off our streaming segments, here’s a story from PoP veteran Jim Keyes told at our live event on March 15. The theme that evening, in honor of the Ides of March, was Schemes & Betrayal.

A year of Pros(e) and Pie

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What a milestone.  May was the 12th month we’ve put on Pros(e) of Pie! Okay, it was only the 11th show due of an unavoidable winter cancellation… but still! We made it a full year of putting on Moth-style entertainment in the Rivertowns. Over this last year, hundreds of you came out to be entertained, to share, and to enjoy more pie than you’ve ever had before.  In that time, all but two of our shows were sold out.

Overdue thanks. There are so many people we can’t thank enough. Starting with our first volunteer – Kate Chanba – who created our poster featuring our shy mascot Poppy. Dina Friedman who was a guest who saw we needed helped and just assumed needed duties (and made us see how much better the job could be done). Jim Keyes, who brought the first story to our theoretical concept and showed us what it means to be a master entertain (along with volunteering as sound engineer). Randell Dodge of Red Barn Bakery for donating our first gluten-free pie

There were lots of you who took shifts serving at the pie table, manning the doors, and baking pie, including: Jenifer Ross, Lydia Fernandez, Nina Shusterman, Billy Buxton, Maya Groeger, Tammy Abraham. And so many more who embraced this idea, made it part of your world, and shared the joy (and your pies) with friends and neighbors.

Here’s to the next year of Pros(e), Pie, and homegrown entertainment.
With heartfelt thanks,
Ivy & Zak