CHQ Theme: Choices & Chances

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We’re delighted to be presenting a very special installment of our show at the Chautauqua Institution. All week, we’ve been working with a dozen aspiring storytellers in our “Telling the Stories of Your Life” class.  They’re crafting their tales for Friday afternoon’s show.  The theme, as selected by our students, is CHOICES & CHANCES.



When: July 24th, 4-6pm
Venue:  Hultquist Center, 1st Floor
at the southeast corner of Bestor Plaza

FORMAT: This is a true modern form of storytelling, so the rules to follow are:
(1) Only true stories, please!
(2) They should be your own stories – something you experienced or observed firsthand.
(3) This is story-telling, not reading. Notes are allowed but no reading please.
(4) The story should be related to our theme – CHOICES & CHANCES. But feel free to stretch that theme to suit your needs!

Open Mic: In addition to our students, we’ll have several open mic opportunities for communities members to share their own 5 mins story related to the theme.

About the theme: Did you have to make a tough call? Miss an opportunity? Benefit from plain dumb luck? Here’s your chance to choose to share your tale with the rest of the CHQ community; and we want to hear it!  Bonus points if you can stretch the theme to fit your tale.

Pie: Pie will be available on a first come-first serve basis. Unlike our standard shows, this will not be a pie bake-off, but a casual pie social. So please limit one slice of tasty pie per person.

Storytellers: We’ll have prepared storytellers and plenty of open mic slots. If you have a great story you’d like to share, email co-producers Ivy Eisenberg or Zak Shusterman.

We all have a story within us. Come share, listen, and eat!

PoP on the Radio at Chautauqua

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Pros(e) of Pie co-producers Ivy & Zak will be interviewed on local radio station WJTN this morning at 10am. We’ll be talking to veteran host Jim Roselle about the storytelling class we’re running at the Chautauqua Institution all this week and announcing details of the special installment of Pros(e) of Pie to be held on the grounds this Friday.

You can livestream the broadcast here.

And stay tuned for more details on Friday’s event!

This Week: Storytelling at the Chautauqua Institution

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Greetings from the beautiful Chautauqua Institution, on the shores of Lake Chautauqua in western New York. This rocking chair porch is the perfect spot to take it all in. Our hosts and their guests have spent summer evenings sharing tales on this spot for over 60 years.

We’re gearing up to teach a week-long storytelling class called “Telling the Stories of Your Life”.  The course aims to prepare students to tell true stories harvested from their own lives, just like we hear every month at Prose of Pie. At the end of the week, brave souls and members of the Chautauqua community will have a chance to share their stories publicly during a special Friday installment of the show.

If you find yourself in this part of the state and want to join us, you can find details and register through Chautauqua’s online course catalog.


Catch our storytellers at these upcoming events

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Jim Keyes will be performing at Hudson Social on June 6, 3pm, as part of RiverArts inaugural music tour.

Go see James Bewley again hosting the hilarious Wunnerful Wunnerful! a Tribute to Lawrence Welk as alterego Dale Seever, host of Dale Radio on 6/25 at Ars Nova as part of ANT Fest.

You can see our Ivy Eisenberg doing an excerpt of her hilarious one woman show at Theaterlab on June 17.


May Pros(e) of Pie – another standing room crowd!

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What an incredible close to our PoP‬ season! Another standing room crowd filled Curious-on-Hudson‘s wonderful space, entertained by our 4 featured storytellers, plenty of open mic storytellers and no less than seven glorious pies.

  • James Bewley

This month’s “Fork in the Road” themed show featured:

  • James Bewley, trekking up from Brooklyn, to share his tale of a fork that led from performance art to a little bit of justice.
  • Susan Landon, audience fave and piemaker extraordinaire, telling us about the many forks in the road for the directionally challenged.
  • ‪Our own Ivy Eisenberg recounting the fork in the road that led to volunteering for involuntarily termination.
  • Superstar performer and PoP regular Jim Keyes sharing life’s many splendid forks.

And, congratulations to this month’s PieMistress‬ Margaret for her so-good-we-were-fighting-to-lick-the-empty-pie-plate Strawberry Lemon Pie. Her prize: a giftcard to Dobbs Ferry’s own The Parlor (get it? they make pies too!) #‎ShopLocal‬

Curious-on-Hudson– an audience favorite venue and the Rivertowns favorite place to learn and do; and the inimitable Dina Rose Friedman for doing everything and making it better in the process!

The Pros(e) of Pie team is taking a brief hiatus while we prepare for our debut at the world renowned Chautauqua Institution. We’ll be back at the end of the summer bigger, better, and with more surprises.  Until then, look out for all the incredible activity throughout Westchester and the Rivertowns.

PoP goes Global

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Have you heard the news? Pros(e) of Pie co-producers Ivy Eisenberg and Zak Shusterman have been invited to teach a week-long storytelling course this Summer at the prestigious Chautauqua Institution in western New York. We’ll also be presenting a special Friday edition of Pros(e) of Pie on the grounds.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 12.20.13 PM

What’s a Chautauqua anyway???

It’s a 140 year old non-profit adult education center and summer resort in Western New York that’s been designated a National Historic District that started a movement that reached over 45 million people in 10,000 communities across the country.  The tradition continues every Summer, as Chautauqua attracts a range of world-renowned thought leaders, entertainers, academics, activists and public figures organized around a different theme each week.

Along side the headliners, individual and multi-session classes are offered on a range of engaging topics.  Pros(e) of Pie will be there during the “Irrationality”-themed week focusing on the irrational world of human decision-making. We think that’s going to inspire some great storytelling. Come join us at Chautauqua if you can!

1000s of years of Storytelling

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Looking for some inspiration for your own storytelling? You’re not the first to think about this.

People have been thinking about this for 1000s of years – as long as there’ve been people. This TED piece covers a few of traditions that have developed around the world.  From hulu to shadow puppets to calypso – there are so many entertaining options to choose from.

You never know which you might see the next Pros(e) of Pie. So get your tickets early!


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We’re putting together a great show for you in May.  We’ll be back at one of our favorite Rivertowns venues – Curious-on-Hudson in Dobbs Ferry. Come see why we’re packing houses at venues across Westchester.  Plus, Curious-on-Hudson is just a short stroll from some of the area’s best restaurants. Why not stay local for pre-show dinner – just make sure you save room for dessert!


When: May 30th, 8pm

Venue:  Curious-on-Hudson
             145 Palisade Street – Dobbs Ferry


About the theme: Tell us about the time you had to make a decision — Did you go left or right? Was it a tough choice? Did you follow the path less traveled? How did your decision turn out? Maybe your fork was literal – a roadside picnic? Did you lose something in the middle of the road? We want to hear about the fork in the road you faced and how it turned out!

Pie bakers welcome: Tempted to see how your pie-baking skills stack up against your neighbors? Here’s an incentive for entering a pie in our bake-off. Your pie gets you one free admission! Please keep in mind: to get your free ticket, you MUST let us know what type of pie you’re bringing a pie at least TWO days in advance of the show.  Get in touch soon with the type of pie and we’ll reserve your spot!

Storytellers: We’ll have prepared storytellers and plenty of open mic slots. If you have a great story you’d like to share, email co-producers Ivy Eisenberg or Zak Shusterman. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of open mic slots that night too.

We all have a story within us. Come share, listen, and eat!

April Theme: “CAUGHT IN THE ACT”

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We’re continuing to bring our unique brand of storytelling to new audiences, and bringing our audiences to new venues. This month we’re at The Center@862, a beautiful space in Scarsdale. It’s conveniently located near the train station for fans traveling in from the city and right by several restaurants for dinner before pie & tales. Come see what packed houses are raving about – great stories, great pies, great fun.



When: April 18th, 8pm
Venue:  The Center@862
             862 Scarsdale Ave – Scarsdale


About the theme: Tell us about the time you almost got away with it–Ever been caught somewhere you shouldn’t have been? With someone you weren’t supposed to be with? Were you just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Trying something short of legal, or simply unwise? If the coast is clear for you to share your tale, this is your chance!

We’ll have prepared storytellers and plenty of open mic slots. If you have a grand confession you’d like to share, email co-producers Ivy Eisenberg or Zak Shusterman.

We all have a story within us. Come share, listen, and eat!