Jan. 25 – Theme: Turn Around

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PoP returns to the inspiring Hudson Valley MOCA on January 25 for a “TURN AROUND” themed show featuring both returning faves and storytellers making their PoP debuts.

Edith Gonzalez – The Story Collider, Risk!, Take Two Storytelling
Jamie Brickhouse – 4x Moth StorySlam champ, PBS’s Stories from the Stage,
Kambri Crews – NYTimes bestselling memoir, The Moth, Mortified
Lorena Russi – “The Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert” Digital team, professional soccer player
Stacey Curry – Moth GrandSlam winner, PBS’s Stories From the Stage

When:  Jan 25, Museum opens 6:30pm, Show 8pm
Venue:  Hudson Valley MOCA – 1701 Main St. – Peekskill


ABOUT THE THEME: Did life take you in a different direction? Did your fortunes suddenly change? Did you go back on your word? Or take your enemy as your lover? 

ABOUT THE SHOW: Join us to hear storytellers from around the region tell true personal tales on the monthly theme in a Moth-inspired format. You can sit back and enjoy the show or join the fun: sign up for a 5-mins open mic slot or submit an anonymous answer to a written prompt that we’ll read off for you. Either way, we’ll all be there to support and share.

*NOTE: NO pie bake at this show for logistical reasons. But we’ll be back with tasty bites soon!

1000s of years of Storytelling

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Looking for some inspiration for your own storytelling? You’re not the first to think about this.

People have been thinking about this for 1000s of years – as long as there’ve been people. This TED piece covers a few of traditions that have developed around the world.  From hulu to shadow puppets to calypso – there are so many entertaining options to choose from.

You never know which you might see the next Pros(e) of Pie. So get your tickets early!

February Show : SOLD OUT!

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February’s “Confession”-themed show is officially SOLD OUT.

If you couldn’t get tickets this time around, we’ll look forward to seeing you and hearing your tales at our next show.  Be sure to sign up on our mailing list to get advanced announcements about our shows and tickets.

First All Open-Mic Show – May 17

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Our first all open-mic show is just a few days away. At least twice as many audience members will get to share their stories at May’s Prose of Pie. So come on by and throw your name in the hat!

When: May 17, 8pm

Prose of Pie gives you a supportive & tasty setting to share your tale: have you ever hit it big? …had your plans work out perfectly? …hit the Lottery jackpot? …landed the perfect job, or that impressive client? how about a hilarious mom story for the week after mother’s day?  “Mother Lode” is just the starting point- stretch the theme to fit your story!

(we’ve sold out 9 shows in a row)

May Theme : MOTHER LODE – May 17

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May’s Pros(e) of Pie – Theme: “Mother Lode”

PLUS: this month will be ALL OPEN MIC ! An even better chance to have your name pulled from the hat to tell your story.

The theme: Here’s your chance to tell us if you ever hit it big? …had your plans work out perfectly? …hit the Lottery, or a jackpot? …landed the perfect job, or that impressive client? Maybe you’ve been harboring a daydream or fantasy. We want to hear it all – as long as it’s on theme. Impress us by stretching the theme to fit your story!

When: May 17, 8pm


April Theme : FRESH STARTS – Apr. 5

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For April’s show, we’re looking for your tales on Fresh Starts and New Beginnings….
Think about turning over a new leaf, the start of a new adventure or fleeing an old job, breaking old habits or taking on new ones. It could be a resolution you tried to stick to or starting a new business. As always, try to impress us by stretching the theme to fit your story!

When: April 5, 8pm


Listen to more stories from February

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We were lucky enough to have Jim Keyes record and edit all the audio from last month’s show. Here are two more great clips from the evening on the theme “Love Actually”:

First, an open mic story about a whirlwind unrequited romance in Brooklyn from new neighbor Jen:

Then, master storyteller Jim tells us about the end of a young love:

Here more great stories like these on Saturday at March’s Pros(e) of Pie. Inspired by a famous conspiracy and murder on March 15, our theme is “Schemes & Betrayal”.  Get some of the last tix before we sell out: BUY TICKETS

Some stories from our last show

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To tide you over until the next PoP on March 15, enjoy these stories from February’s “Love Actually” theme.

First, we give a 5 min openmic story by Adele about an unorthodox way to find true love in the modern age:

Then, Susan, one of our featured storytellers (and two-time pie master!) shares a tale of a modern woman finding her modern love:

March Theme : SCHEMES & BETRAYAL – Mar. 15

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The snowdrifts are finally melting and tickets are going fast for March’s Pros(e) of Pie. Come find out why we’re the Hudson Valley’s most popular storytelling series before we sell out again!

When: Mar. 15 @ 8pm


  In honor of the Ides of March – the day Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of conspirators.  Have you been the victim of deception? Felt the pain of betrayal? Had you plans go awry or found yourself cheated?  Enjoy and share tales of woe and mischief

NEW: Due to popularly demand, we’ll have extra open mic slots – so get your 5 mins stories ready to share.

Online ticket-holders can enter at 7:30pm to get first choice seats and first pick of pies.  When online tickets sellout, there will be no door tickets. On the rare occasion we do not sell out, a limited number of door tickets may be available at the event beginning at 8pm. Please do not try to get door tickets earlier.


Admission is free if you bring a pie for our pie bake-off. Pies must be dropped off by 7:30pm. It makes getting set up easier and gives your pie the best chance for votes! And if your pie gets the most votes, you win a gift card and proudly bear the title of this month’s PieMaster!


If you’re interested in telling a storyemail co-producers Ivy Eisenberg  or Zak Shusterman for additional information and to schedule an audition.


Happy Valentine’s Day

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We hope you’ve got a good winter love story brewing today. While we gear up for tomorrow’s “Love, Actually” Pros(e) of Pie, take a peek at Google’s search page today. Each letter turns into a candy heart – but wait, there’s more! We almost missed that you can click on each of the hearts to hear true story from This American Life. Which will be your favorite?

Tickets still available!

Thanks to the endless waves of polar vortex, thundersnow, and sleet, we have a few tickets available for tomorrow’s show. Get them before yours before they’re gone again!
Click to buy tickets!

Google V-Day


Stay warm and see you tomorrow.