PoP goes Global

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Have you heard the news? Pros(e) of Pie co-producers Ivy Eisenberg and Zak Shusterman have been invited to teach a week-long storytelling course this Summer at the prestigious Chautauqua Institution in western New York. We’ll also be presenting a special Friday edition of Pros(e) of Pie on the grounds.

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What’s a Chautauqua anyway???

It’s a 140 year old non-profit adult education center and summer resort in Western New York that’s been designated a National Historic District that started a movement that reached over 45 million people in 10,000 communities across the country.  The tradition continues every Summer, as Chautauqua attracts a range of world-renowned thought leaders, entertainers, academics, activists and public figures organized around a different theme each week.

Along side the headliners, individual and multi-session classes are offered on a range of engaging topics.  Pros(e) of Pie will be there during the “Irrationality”-themed week focusing on the irrational world of human decision-making. We think that’s going to inspire some great storytelling. Come join us at Chautauqua if you can!