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Prose of Pie in Connecticut!
We’re crossing our eastern borders for a special installment at the Stamford Innovation Center in Stamford, CT, on Nov. 14!  See why we’re selling out shows across Westchester and gaining fans across NY. Stamford is full of great dining options so why not make a night out of it. Come early to enjoy a great pre-show dinner – just make sure you leave room for pie!


When: Nov 14th, 8pm
Venue:  Stamford Innovation Center
175 Atlantic St – Stamford


About the theme: That time you saved the day – was it a stroke of genius or just dumb luck? Take a wrong turn that led to a great opportunity? Broke up with an Ex who ended up on the news? Invested in a company with a silly name like Google? We want to hear all your “Choice or Chance” stories – maybe we’ll help you decide which it really was.

Pie bakers welcome: Tempted to see how your pie-baking skills stack up against your neighbors? Here’s an incentive for entering a pie in our bake-off. Your pie gets you one free admission! Please keep in mind: to get your free ticket, you MUST let us know what type of pie you’re bringing a pie at least TWO days in advance of the show.  Get in touch soon with the type of pie and we’ll reserve your spot!

Storytellers: We’ll have prepared storytellers and plenty of open mic slots. If you have a great story you’d like to share, email co-producers Ivy Eisenberg or Zak Shusterman. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of open mic slots that night too.

We all have a story within us. Come share, listen, and eat!