PoP on the Radio at Chautauqua

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Pros(e) of Pie co-producers Ivy & Zak will be interviewed on local radio station WJTN this morning at 10am. We’ll be talking to veteran host Jim Roselle about the storytelling class we’re running at the Chautauqua Institution all this week and announcing details of the special installment of Pros(e) of Pie to be held on the grounds this Friday.

You can livestream the broadcast here.

And stay tuned for more details on Friday’s event!

Pros(e) of Pie Streaming Audio

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As we get ready to kick of a second year of Pros(e) of Pie, why not give storytelling a try yourself? Sign up for 5 minute open mic slots. Just remember to stick to our PoP rules: 1) you can only tell your own story; 2) it has to be a true(ish) story; 3) it has to related to the monthly theme; 4) no reading – this is story telling, not story reading!

Here are two open mic clips from our May 14 show. The theme was “Motherlode”, and this night happened to be an all open mic show.

More Streaming Audio released

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To keep your ears entertained until the next show, we’re going to continue realeasing tracks for shows from PoP’s first year. Here are two more featured stories from our Schemes & Betrayal story.

First off, we have PoP veteran Katie Kaprenstein  – during a summer in the city, the biggest danger turned out to be lurking in her summer sublet.

Then, Tanya Monier recalls being a a globe trotting girl with her heart broken across the ocean, and her arm broken more locally, only to end up being comforted by the poet-laureate of Ireland

Now streaming: some of our favorite PoP stories

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You’ve been asking for a Pros(e) of Pie podcast. We’re not there quite yet but we’re going to be making some of favorite PoP tales available for streaming.  Now you can stay entertained with PoP in between our monthly shows.

To kick off our streaming segments, here’s a story from PoP veteran Jim Keyes told at our live event on March 15. The theme that evening, in honor of the Ides of March, was Schemes & Betrayal.