A few more stories from an earlier PoP

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Here are a few more stories to tide you over the next Pros(e) of Pie on December 14th. First up is a long form story on the theme Changes from one of our semi-regular experienced storyteller, John Georgette. Then we have an open mic’er sharing her relationship with an aging parent.

We’ll have more video of stories leading up to December’s edition. Get your tickets here.

A few more stories from August’s PoP

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If you couldn’t make it to August’s Pros(e) of Pie, you missed an evening full of great stories. For your viewing pleasure, here are a couple more that delighted our live audience.  This first was from our featured line up –  a  a Stand-By-Me-style story from master storyteller Jim Keyes recounting a memorable summer ever growing up right here in Westchester, New York. The second was from our last open mic storyteller Tanya Monier reminding us that no matter your achievements, family will always find a way to be disappointed in you.

Remember, Pros(e) of Pie has been sold out two months in a row so plan to buy your tickets early for the next installment on September 21.