A year of Pros(e) and Pie

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What a milestone.  May was the 12th month we’ve put on Pros(e) of Pie! Okay, it was only the 11th show due of an unavoidable winter cancellation… but still! We made it a full year of putting on Moth-style entertainment in the Rivertowns. Over this last year, hundreds of you came out to be entertained, to share, and to enjoy more pie than you’ve ever had before.  In that time, all but two of our shows were sold out.

Overdue thanks. There are so many people we can’t thank enough. Starting with our first volunteer – Kate Chanba – who created our poster featuring our shy mascot Poppy. Dina Friedman who was a guest who saw we needed helped and just assumed needed duties (and made us see how much better the job could be done). Jim Keyes, who brought the first story to our theoretical concept and showed us what it means to be a master entertain (along with volunteering as sound engineer). Randell Dodge of Red Barn Bakery for donating our first gluten-free pie

There were lots of you who took shifts serving at the pie table, manning the doors, and baking pie, including: Lydia Fernandez, Nina Shusterman, Billy Buxton, Maya Groeger. And so many more who embraced this idea, made it part of your world, and shared the joy (and your pies) with friends and neighbors.

Here’s to the next year of Pros(e), Pie, and homegrown entertainment.
With heartfelt thanks,
Ivy & Zak