June Theme: “I LOVE YOU / I HATE YOU”

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Pros(e) of Pie turns 3 in June. Come celebrate the Hudson Valley’s favorite storytelling series at Curious-on-Hudson in Dobbs Ferry. This venue is a confirmed fan favorite that sells out almost every time. Get your tickets early for this one!!!

When: June 25, 8pm
Venue: Curious-on-Hudson
            145 Palisades St. – Dobbs Ferry


About the theme: Talk about mixed feelings! This month, we’ll be hearing stories about conflicted feelings, mixed reputations – all those difficult love/hate relationships. That horrible ex you just couldn’t get enough of. The soul-starving job that paid you too well to leave. The time your arch-nemesis saved your life. That horrible neighbor who always insists on helping you. Loving Alanis Morissette’s “Isn’t It Ironic?” even though she misuses ‘ironic’. We want to hear about all the Love/Hate experiences you’ve lived through.

Pie bakers welcome: Tempted to see how your pie-baking skills stack up against your neighbors? Here’s an incentive for entering a pie in our bake-off. Your pie gets you one free admission! Please keep in mind: to get your free ticket, you MUST let us know what type of pie you’re bringing a pie at least TWO days in advance of the show.  Get in touch soon with the type of pie and we’ll reserve your spot!

Storytellers: We’ll have prepared storytellers and plenty of open mic slots. If you have a great story you’d like to share with our audiences, email co-producers Ivy Eisenberg or Zak Shusterman. Featured storytellers get a free guest admission! Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of open mic slots that night too.

We all have a story in us. Come share, listen, and eat!